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Holodecks are Here

This is simply news for the geeks out there, and I just had to be the one to break it to everyone. Awhile back I did an article on “Trek-Tech”, or the technologies from the TV series “Star Trek” that have managed to become reality. I talked about the Bluetooth headset, personal communicators (cell phones) and a couple of other things, but what’s really exciting, what I’ve always wanted, was a holodeck!

It’s virtual reality, folks, and the great minds over at Google have the closest thing I’ve seen yet!
It’s called the “Google Street View Holodeck” and what it does is take the on the ground view from Google Maps and puts it in a 360 degree viewing room! That means that you could potentially stand outside of your house…inside your house!


If you’ve never messed around with Google Maps, I’d say to give it a try. It’s a lot of fun searching out locations and zooming in to get a first person perspective. Although I’m sure Google has no consumer-level plans for their holodeck, it’s great to know the tech is getting there!

Just a fun aside from the regularly scheduled programming.