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Home Inventory Program For Windows 8

Sharon and Ray from Salina, Kansas write:

I was directed here to ask about a simple home inventory program for my computer.  I am using Windows 8 but I don’t need a financial package with it.  Can you suggest one for me?

You have several options. Let’s start in the Windows 8 store. Select the store icon to go to the Windows App store.

 Then search for home inventory.

Here you’ll see a variety of options ranging from free to $4.99.

HomeCloud, for example, can be purchased for $1.99 or you can try it out for free.

 You can also find free online home inventory sites like  KnowYourStuff.org. [1] sponsored by the Insurance Information Institute.

Once you create an account, the simple interface will walk you through an inventory of your home.

But your best alternative may be with your home insurance company. Most major companies offer their own online inventory program and apps, like State Farm does.


The State Farm app can also be used to print packing labels for boxes when you decide to move and to print out the inventory or share it with anyone from a family member to your insurance agent.  Check your home insurance website or call your insurance agent to see what they offer.

~ Cynthia