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Honey and Jam

I love to share food blogs with you, but this one is really special to me!

I saw recipe posted for lemon cake with black tea frosting [1] posted somewhere on the net, and went to investigate. I discovered Honey and Jam! Then I actually made that cake, learning all sorts of techniques that were new to me, and I was even inspired to dream up what I would change when I make the cake next time.  After I got over my lemon-cake-induced-culinary-frenzy, I started poking around at the other recipes and found tons that I can’t wait to try, that’s when I knew that I had to share this site with all of you.

I can attest for the splendor of the lemon cake. It was tart, light as a feather, and the frosting was a perfect counterbalance of strong black tea to the zing of the lemon. I have plans to try the Roasted Tomato Soup, [2]  No Knead Bread [3], as well as the Black Tea and Blackberry Sorbet [4]. Blackberries are even on sale at my local grocery store right now too!

On top of the amazing recipes at the site, you are going to find beautiful photography. I came for the recipes, and I stayed for the photos.  The food looks mouthwatering and makes you sad you don’t have whatever is in the photograph in front of you to eat. I really enjoyed the just photography posts too.

I think you’re going to love Honey and Jam, so go check it out!

http://www.honeyandjam.com/ [5]

~ Amanda