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Hotmail Keyboard Shortcuts

Cloyd from American Fork writes:

How about a list of keyboard shortcuts for Hotmail?

Why sure, Cloyd! Here’s a list for you to experiment with.

Note: Keep in mind that some won’t work while you’re composing a message.

Send a message – Ctrl+Enter

Open a message – Ctrl+Shift+O

Print a message – Ctrl+Shift+P

Reply to a message – Ctrl+R

Reply all to a message – Ctrl+Shift+R

Forward a message – Ctrl+Shift+F

Delete a message – Delete

Create a new message – Ctrl+N

Open the next message – Ctrl+.

Open the previous message – Ctrl+,

Close a message – Esc

Save a draft message – Ctrl+S

Flag a message for follow up – L

Mark a message as junk – Ctrl+Shift+J

Mark a message as read – Ctrl+Q

Mark a message as unread – Ctrl+U

Move to a folder – Ctrl+Shift+V

Search your email messages – /

Check spelling – F7

Select all – S then A

Deselect all – S then N

Go to the inbox – F then I

Go to your Drafts folder – F then D

Go to your Sent folder – F then S

Hope these help you out!