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How Big is a Terabyte?

Ron from Siler City NC recently wrote in asking about a terabyte… specifically his new computer has its memory (storage) listed in terabytes and he’d like to have a sense of just how much he’s purchased.

It’s a good question, and a terabyte isn’t something that’s a common term to many people, so it’s worth a look.

Years and years ago we started talking in terms of bytes (a single character) and kilobytes (1024 bytes).

Then we were on to megabytes which is 1024 kilobytes.

Next came gigabytes or the equivalent of 1024 megabytes. (We’re over 1 million kilobytes at this point!)

Now we’re seeing terabytes when it comes to our computer storage which is, as I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, 1024 gigabytes – more than 1 billion kilobytes.

Let’s put it another way… if 1 page of text is approximately 2KB then there are approximately 500 pages in a megabyte. This leads us to over 500,000 pages of text in a gigabyte and more than 500,000,000 pages of text.

That’s what I call a LOT of storage space!

~ April