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How Can I Copy Files From XP To Windows 7?

Max  from Stephen City, Virginia writes:

Okay, taking your advice to get a new Computer with Windows 7, even though my XP works great and I still will use it for tasks not online. How do I copy folders from desktop, such as “My Documents” to the new computer without deleting them on the older one?


Max, to copy the contents of a folder like My Documents, you could copy them to a flash drive or an external hard drive and then copy the files from that drive onto your new computer. Copying files will not delete them.  You can copying by dragging and dropping to the other drive or by copy and pasting.

If you have a large number of files to move should consider using the Windows Easy Transfer  that comes with Windows 7.  Click here for an article that explains how it works. [1]

 ~ Cynthia