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How Can I Copy Photos To A DVD Or CD?

Darrell from Sayre, Oklahoma writes:

How do you save pictures that are on computer to a DVD or CD? I’m running windows 8.1. I’ve saved a lot of pictures and would like to save them on a disc to access later on other computers.

Darrell, pop a blank disc into the disc drive. A box will open asking what you want to do next. Choose burn files to disc.

You’ll be given the option to use the disc like a USB flash drive or with a CD/DVD player. Choose the flash drive option.

Then you can drag and drop the files you wish to copy onto the disc drive or choose to copy and paste. Select your photos and pull them onto the icon for the disc drive or copy them, click on the disc and select paste.

A simpler option might be to save the photos to a flash drive. Then you can still access them on a device that doesn’t have an optical drive.

~ Cynthia