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How Can I Download YouTube Videos?

Mohammed writes:

 How I can download a song or speech from YouTube while it is running on.

 If you wish to download videos posted by someone else, you’ve got a problem. Legally you can’t download a song or speech or any video from YouTube that you didn’t post yourself. You may be able to contact the person or company that uploaded it and ask for a copy, but otherwise if you want to watch or share something from YouTube, bookmark it or save it in a playlist. Yes, there are ways of illegally downloading videos, but I’m not going to get into them.

It’s illegal and it’s a form of stealing. Also, if I were to share these techniques with you, Google would be all over me with a cease and desist warning. The one exception is videos that you’ve uploaded yourself.

In that case, log into your YouTube account and select the drop-down menu beside the little blue square to the right.


Under YouTube, choose Video Manager.

Choose the video you wish to download.

Select the drop-down arrow next to Edit and choose Download MP4.

You can only download a video five times a day and you can’t download anymore than two videos in an hour. You won’t see the download option if you’ve gone over these limits.

~ Cynthia