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How Can I Get A Box Off My Tablet Home Screen?

Roy from LAS VEGAS, NV writes:

 Recently I purchased an IAIWAI MODEL AW920 tablet. It came without any ENGLISH instructions! Functions are probably in Chinese as there is a box on the first screen that covers about a third of the screen with Chinese writing. To the left of this box, there is 2 more rectangle boxes with Chinese writing which appear to be probably a weather forecast! Each shows tiny clouds and temps in C. Can\’t remove them either. I finally got help and got some of the functions changed to ENGLISH but still can\’t find the critical ones to use for lots of functions such as removing the box with the Chinese writing. It stays with the first screen when it is slid to next screen. Other icons come up. Everything appears to be functioning properly. Just don\’t have the info to properly use most of the required functions. It has the Android operating system so I assume it to be at least similar to the average tablet as this is a favorite OS. Can you supply any info to help me with this minimal info I am sending? Appreciate anything you can provide. Thanks in advance.

My guess is that these boxes are widgets. Widgets are programs, like weather apps, that update with live information.

You should be able to move them simply by holding your finger down on the box. It will appear smaller and you should be able to drag it into the trash. If you tap the app list icon on your home screen, you should be able to pull up a list of widgets. Even though your weather app isn’t displaying in English, perhaps you can recognize it and check to see if you can change the settings to display in English.

To learn more about widgets, read this Android How-To article. [1]

I will caution you that some Android tablets are “skinned” in a particular way with apps and widgets that you aren’t meant to remove. An example being Amazon Kindle Fire, which features the Amazon Store and Amazon Video on the home screen and they cannot be removed. 

~ Cynthia