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How Can I Get Rid Of Windows 8 Charms Bar?

Karen from Idaho writes:

I want to get rid of the stupid charm bar in and especially the “clock” that keeps popping up in my way.  The charm bar needs to be transparent not wipe out what you are trying to read and made narrower.  And the clock can go completely after all it is down in the corner of the screen! I have found no way to shut it off.  Nor have I found a way to narrow the charms bar and make it transparent.  When I want it is when it decides to hide completely.  And after 7 months I still hate Win 8 and advise others not to purchase.

Karen, the Charms Bar is only supposed to display when you select it and it should disappear as soon as you click or tap off it.  You activate them in one of two ways. Either by swiping from the right or by moving your mouse or touchpad pointer to the upper or lower right corner. 

Try to keep your mouse away from the very far right corners and stay away from the very far right of your touchpad when you’re using Windows 8.1. It sounds like you are accidentally activating it. I’ve not experienced this issue myself with Windows 8.1, but it seems some touchpads on certain computer models are very sensitive.  But don’t worry, it’s really easy to turn off.

 You will need to start with that dreaded Charms Bar and type  Mouse and touchpad settings. Then tap or click on the results.

The PC and devices screen will open. Select Corners and edges on the left.

You’ll see this screen with App switching and Corner navigation options.

Turn Corner navigation off by grabbing the little slider and moving it to Off.

That should make your Windows 8 experience more pleasant.

~ Cynthia