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How Can I Get Windows 8 To Remember Me?

Don from Illinois writes:

I recently purchased a HP desktop with Windows 8. When I go to a site that says remember me and check that option and come back to that site it does not remember me. Also when I check save preferences or other items on a site it does not remember them next time I visit the site. Is there anyway to fix this. With XP I didn’t have this problem.

Answer: It’s possible that your browser security options aren’t set up to remember passwords. Here’s how to fix it in Internet Explorer.

Select Settings on the Search Bar on the Start Screen and type Internet Options.

Then select Internet Options when it comes up on your left under Settings.

When the Internet Properties Window opens, you’ll want to select the Content tab at the top and then select AutoComplete Settings.


When the AutoComplete window opens, you can select what types of things you want your browser to remember, including passwords and then click OK.

Hope that helps.

~ Cynthia