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How Can I Read Downloaded Magazines?

Charles from Canada writes:

I am looking for a program whereby I can download magazine from a site called JW.Org, I know there are programs out there but being as inexperienced as I am I don’t know what to look for . Do you sell software suitable to this type of downloads? There are many looking for such a program. Cheers, Charles

Thanks for thinking of us Charles, but I have some great news. You don’t need to buy anything to be able to read your magazines. I checked out the site you mentioned and see that the magazines are available for downloads in the EPUB format and as PDFs. 

You can read a PDF with a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader.  You can download that for free at this link.   [1]If you wish to read your magazine on a tablet, you can find free PDF readers in the Google Play Store here. [2]

Free PDF readers for iPad are available in the iTunes Store here. [3]

If you’d prefer the EPUB format, you can download, Calibre free for both PC, Mac and tablet here. [4]

Happy reading.

~ Cynthia