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How Can I Set Date & Time On My Android Tablet?

Allen writes:

Can you tell me how to set the clock or the calendar on my Google Android tablet. I’m sorry I’m not as techno-smart as you guys. Heck, I’m still trying to get out of the pencil and paper era. Could you please tell me how to set the clock and calendar on my tablet?

Sure thing!  You’ll want to pull up your settings. Which you may access my tapping the gear icon, or depending on your device, selecting a menu button.


Where you’ll find the clock and calendar will vary depending on the tablet, but browse around the settings and you’re sure to find it. On this device, it was located under “More”


Tap Date and Time


You’ll see this screen.

There are options to set the date…


.. and Time


You can choose between a 24-hour clock or an AM/PM format.

And select a time zone.


Plus you adjust the date format according to your preferences.


~ Cynthia