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How Can My Brother Connect To My WiFi?

Lynn from Avon Park, Florida asks:

How can my brother next door connect to my Wifi Network using his Android Tablet? He doesn’t have a signal. I put his Mac number in my router, but to no avail.

If your WiFi signal was reaching your brother’s house, it would be fairly simple for him to connect. He would just have to log on with the username and password that you provided. But it’s possible that your router just doesn’t get to his place.  I’m not sure how far away he is, but that could be a factor. A home router won’t send a signal much farther than 200 feet or so.

Most routers are omnidirectional, they send the signal out equally in all directions from where the router is located. Some routers will allow you to add a direction antenna that sends the signal in one direction, so you could aim it at your brother’s place.

Other factors could be large objects getting in the way of the signal and there could be interference from other people’s routers and even from objects like air conditioners and washing machines that are positioned between your router and your brother’s home.

If your brother lives close enough, moving your router over by a window closer to where he lives might help the signal.  But the best way ensure a steady, strong signal at his house is for your brother to get his own service and router.  Click here [1]for an article on improving the WiFi signal in your home:

Once he does have an available signal, setting up the Android tablet is pretty easy.

To configure Wi-Fi, start by tapping Settings. Scroll on the left hand side and tap Wi-Fi. If the slide On/Off switch shows Off, slide the switch to the On position. Click on the name of your wireless network, you’ll find it on the right-hand side. Type in your passcode and press Connect.

Hope this helps.

~ Cynthia