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How Can You Convert Old Word Documents To Word 2010?

Shirley from Ohio writes:

I have Word 2010 and now I have old document which were transferred to this computer and I can open them but they still stay in that file. How do I transfer the files in my old documents into this 2010? Can I do a whole file at one time or must I do individual files? I now have a my template from the old file and my template in the new file and they aren’t the same. I don’t really understand that.

Shirley, Word 2010 will open up old documents in Compatibility Mode. You really don’t need to convert them unless you plan to edit them, since you should be able to read them just fine.

When you edit the documents and go to save, make sure you choose “save as” and select Word Document. 

Unfortunately there is no simple way to batch convert a those documents in word. However you might consider making a Macro that would save the files as the updated document and move them to a particular file that indicates they’ve already been converted. You can learn more about that here.  [1]

~ Cynthia