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How Do I Access My Complete Outlook.com Address Book?

Lucille from Ky writes: Have trouble getting my Outlook.com address book. I mean the whole thing. When I want to forward something, it just shows a few.

I’ve had quite a few questions about getting to your full Outlook.com address book. Here’s how to do it.

When you go to send, forward or reply to an e-mail, many people complain they can’t see the complete address list.

Click on To in order to see a list of contacts. Click once to see your favorite contacts (most often used) and double-click to see your full list of contacts.

A step you can take to make it easier to find people you’ve communicated with, but who aren’t necessarily contacts, is to click on the little gear symbol to the right and choose More Mail Settings from the drop-down menu.

You’ll be show a page pull of options, including Customizing Outlook, under which you will select Advanced Privacy Settings.

Under Auto Complete Suggestions, choose Give suggestions for anyone I’ve communicated with (contacts and non-contacts)

Now when you start to type names into the search box you will get the options of all the people you’ve communicated with and not just your contacts.

Hope that helps.

~ Cynthia