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How Do I Add & Edit Contacts In Outlook.com?

Elbert from Michigan City, Indiana writes:

I have Microsoft XP operating system on my desk computer. I changed to Microsoft Outlook from my previous e-mail carrier when we were asked to convert. All my contacts were carried over to this new program. I find now that I’m not able to add new, or edit existing, contacts. I cannot find a way of doing it. Can you please tell me how to add new contacts, or edit existing contacts, on my Outlook Hotmail.

Sure Elbert.  In Outlook.com, (your Hotmail account would have been converted to Outlook.com and your contacts automatically imported) you will find your contacts listed under People.  In your inbox, select the arrow beside Outlook in the upper left corner.

You’ll be given the choice of Outlook.com, People, Calendar or SkyDrive. Select People.

You’ll see a list of all of your contacts as well as options to import addresses and information from Google, Sina Weibo, Facebook and from a file.

To add a new contact select the arrow beside New at the top of the page and choose New contact.

Then fill out the information for the new contact.

 To edit an existing contact, select that person from the column on the left.

Select Edit.

If you have social media information about the contact, you’ll see a pop-up reminding you that you can’t change that information. Go ahead and click Add.

Then you can edit and then save the information.

You may notice that when you compose a new e-mail, you may not see all of your contacts on the left. Outlook.com will display frequent contacts by default.

Click on To and you’ll see your full list of contacts displayed.

~ Cynthia