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How Do I Change Font Size On My Android Tablet?

Lou from Salt Lake City writes: How do you increase the font size on the screen of a 7″ Android?

Lou, that’s a tricky question. Since the Android operating system is open, it can look a little different on every device. Some devices have options for changing the fonts under Settings, others do not.  Also, individual apps will often let you change text size, but there’s a different set of instructions for each app. So, I’ll go for an easier overall solution. 

Go to the Google Play store and check out a free app called Big Font. [1] Big Font works with Android 2.3 or above and allows you to scale the system font size up to 180% larger.

  You can preview the changes in size before deciding to go with them.

I will caution you that Big Font will not work with Android 4.2. Android disabled 3rd party apps’ ability to change colors and fonts from that point on.  I’d suggest downloading and installing Big Font and giving it a try.

~ Cynthia