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How Do I Change Fonts In Windows 7?

Valerie from Baronett, WI writes: Please tell me how to permanently change the font and font size on my PC. I am using Windows 7.

Answer: Valerie, you can do it in a few easy steps. You start off by going to the Start Menu and selecting Control Panel.


In the search box at the upper right of the control panel, type Change window colors and metrics.




That will bring up the Personalization option. Click on Change Windows colors and metrics.



You’ll open Windows Color and Appearance.



Select the part of Windows you wish to change the appearance of from the drop-down menu. Not every item will give you the option to change the font and color.  Say you wanted to change the Menu, you would have the options to select a font, change the size, change the color or make it bold.



You’ll see a preview of any changes you make at the top of the window.



I will caution you that not very many fonts and colors actually work very well for this purpose. What works in a greeting card may not look very appealing on a computer desktop. Below I switched my font to a script font on a red background.  Something I may or may not have actually done on my own computer many years ago.



 If you’re happy with how your changes look, click OK and then apply. These changes aren’t “permanent,” but they’ll remain in place until you decide to change them.

Hope this helps.

~ Cynthia