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How Do I Clear My E-mail Password?

Mary from Phoenix, AZ writes:

Help, when my husband was signing into our email account, he accidentally put the password along with the email address. So when I go and sign in a box comes up with the email address and password, how do I delete this, or do we need to make up another new password?

To delete it once, you simply need to highlight the text, hit delete and then enter the correct information. But to keep the wrong password from popping up every time, you need to stop your browser from remembering the incorrect information. If the log-in field offers you the option of remembering your password, make sure to un-check it, because that might just solve your problem.  You don’t say which browser you’re using, I’m giving the instructions for Internet Explorer and the process would be similar for Firefox. 

You start out with the familiar settings menu and choose Internet Options

Choose the Content tab and then in AutoComplete select Settings.


Under AutoComplete Settings choose Manage Passwords. You could also choose to clear all of your passwords, but if you have a great many stored, that could be a hassle.

You’ll pull up Manage Your Credentials. Choose Web Credentials and you’ll see a list of passwords, along with the option to delete the AutoComplete. Find your e-mail password and select Remove.

 Hope this helps.

~ Cynthia