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How Do I Copy Recipes From Facebook?

Eleanor from Ohio writes: I have a Windows XP. How do I copy a recipe from Facebook without copying a whole lot of pages? Thank you Eleanor.

Well Eleanor, if you’re like me, your Facebook feed is filling up with photos of tempting photos of food with recipes in the caption. That’s a real problem when I’m checking it late at night. Is 11 p.m. too late to start cooking with canned biscuit dough?

If you try to save or print an entire Facebook page, you’ll end up with a lot of stuff you don’t want. Here’s how to do it.

Say you want to save a recipe for Crock Pot Orange Chicken. Here’s what it probably looks like.

Make sure the entire recipe is visible. In this case, we need to click on See More to see everything.

Using your mouse, left- click just before the first letter of the text you want to copy. Hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and then left-click again after the last letter you wish to copy. The entire recipe should appear to be highlighted.  Now hold the Ctrl key on the lower left of your keyboard and press the C key. Ctrl + C = Copy (a handy shortcut to know). You could also right-click with your mouse and choose Copy from the menu that pops up.


Now you’ll need someplace to paste your recipe. Open a word processing program such as Word or Word Pad and make a new document. Click in the document and press the Ctrl key and then V key. Ctrl + V = Paste. You could also right-click on your mouse and choose Paste from the menu that pops up. Your copied text should now appear in your document.

Now, save that document with the title of the recipe. I save all of the recipes I find online this way, whether it’s on Facebook or another website. I have a folder just for recipes. For often-used recipes, I print them off and keep them in a binder in plastic sleeves. That way they don’t get messy when I’m cooking.

A great thing about saving the text in a new document is that you can control the size. Say you think this recipe is hard to read. Just highlight all of your text (Click and hold Shift as before or select Ctrl key and the A key to Select All) and change the size.

And now you have large easy-to-ready text.

I have also seen recipes that were incorporated into pictures like this:

 In that case, double-click on the photo to open it and then right-click with your mouse.  Choose Save Image from the menu that pops up and save it to the desired location.

Happy cooking! Hope that helps.

~ Cynthia