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How Do I Download A Picture From Outlook.com?

Carl from Columbus, Georgia writes: How do I download a picture that has been e-mailed to me in Outlook.com?

Carl, it should be pretty easy. When an image is sent as an attachment, you should see a little paper clip icon in the message.

Click on it to display the attachment.

Then you can either right-click to save the photo or click on the download option.

If an image is embedded into an e-mail you can click on the image to select it and then right-click to save in the location of your choice.

You’ll notice in Outlook.com that e-mails containing pictures will be flagged with this photo icon.

Over to the left under Quick views, messages with pictures will all be grouped together in the Photos file. You can click on it for a quick look at all your messages containing photos.

Hope this helps.

~ Cynthia