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How Do I Download Programs To My Chrome Book?

Hilda  writes:

I have recently bought a Chromebook and I just can’t figure out how to do the downloads. I am not that computered with these things. I have no idea how to download games or programs and photos.  Hopefully you can figure out what I”m talking about. Sincerely, Hilda.

Hilda, A Chromebook is more of an Internet appliance than a laptop. It is designed to run web-based applications. You don’t buy and install programs as you would on a traditional laptop computer. It’s a Linux based system, so you can’t run Windows applications or programs. Google Chrome will be your web browser. You can find apps for your Chromebook in the Google Chrome App Store at chrome.google.com. [1]

There you will apps for games, social media and productivity. You’ll need to use a web-based e-mail service such as Gmail for e-mail and Google Docs for the functions performed by programs like Microsoft Office.

As far as downloading, your Chromebook isn’t designed for that. The concept is that you’ll store your files on Google Drive [2] in the cloud. It’s a different experience from a traditional laptop, since a Chromebook is meant to stay constantly connected to the Internet. Some users love the Chromebook experience, while others miss that traditional laptop.  So check out the App Store to get started and let me know what you think.

~ Cynthia