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How Do I Generate a Report With My Glucose Buddy App?

Nancy Mobley from Oxford, Alabama writes:

I have an Android phone. I am a Diabetic and have an app called Glucose Buddy that I use to keep track of my Sugar level and meds that I take so my doctor can see where the ranges are. How can I download the information from my phone to my computer to put in a document? I have the LG Marquee cell phone.

Good news, Nancy. You don’t have to transfer that information from your phone to your computer. Just go to www.glucosebuddy.com and log in to your account. Choose “My Diabetes” then “View Logs” and select the time frame for the reports you wish to print off. If you need further assistance, the site has many helpful user forums where people familiar with the app answer questions and share tips.

If you have a question about any app, it’s a good idea to see if they have a web page. You will often find frequently asked questions about the program and user forums where you can connect with people experienced with using the app.