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How Do I Get E-mail On My Android Tablet?

Janelle from Texas asks:  I just got a new Android tablet. This is my first device of this kind and am learning my way slowly around it. How do I go about getting my e-mail. I use Yahoo.

Answer: Congrats on the new tablet, Janelle. I think you’ll enjoy it. The answer for getting e-mail is the most common answer for any question about how to find something that performs a task on an Android tablet: Go to the Google Play Store.   There should be an icon that looks like a shopping bag on your Android Desk Top. Tap on it and you’ll be taken to the Google Play Store.

Search for Yahoo! Mail in the search box and the app should pop up. It’s a free app, so just tap the INSTALL button.

You will also find free apps for Gmail and Outlook.com. You should also be able to access your web mail accounts with your browser app, though the user experience is usually nicer with an app as it is optimized for a tablet. E-mail clients are also available in the app store, some for free and some at a cost.

~ Cynthia