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How Do I Get Free E-mail From Microsoft?

Joan from Florida writes:

How do I get free email from Microsoft? I read about free email in a tech newsletter. Please reply with instructions. Thank you.

Joan, signing up for Microsoft’s free Outlook.com e-mail service is pretty simple. 

First, go to Outlook.com [1]. Down at the bottom right, you’ll see the option sign up for a new account if you don’t already have one. If you have a Hotmail, Live Mail or MSN e-mail address, you can just sign in with that one because you already have an account.

First you’ll provide your name, birth date and gender (the gender is optional)

Now you will choose your e-mail address and password. This e-mail address is also your Microsoft account that you will use to sign into all Microsoft sites and services. Your password mus be at least 8 characters and it is case sensitive.

Then you’ll enter a phone number or alternate e-mail address where Microsoft can contact you in case you lose your password and need to reset.

You can also opt to have a security question instead, such as your mother’s birthplace or childhood best friend.


Then you provide your Country and ZIP code.

Next you fill out one of those annoying CAPTCHAS to ensure you aren’t a spamming robot program. You also have an audio options if you can’t read the text. There’s also an option to receive promotional offers from Microsoft if you so choose.

Then read and click accept Microsoft’s terms of use and you’ve got a new e-mail account. 

If you have any questions about that new e-mail account, just click here [2]to ask!

~ Cynthia


~ Cynthia