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How Do I Get News On My Android Tablet?

I just got a new Android tablet as a Mother’s Day gift. My kids said it would be a great way to keep up with the news (They call me a news junkie) without having to turn my computer or TV on all the time, Where are the best places to find news that I don’t have to pay for?

There is a wide selection selection of news and information apps available for Android.

Programs for tablets are called “apps” (short for applications), and the largest resource for Android apps is the Google Play Store [1]. There are apps for every purpose you can imagine, and many of them are free. I’m going to highlight some free news apps you might want to try out.

I’d start out by checking for your local newspaper. Many newspapers offer apps and a lot of them are free. Your paper may feature a link to their app on their website or search for it by name in the search box.

Below is the app for my local paper. If there was a cost associated with the app, it would appear in the gray box. Since this is free, I can simply click INSTALL if I’d like the app and it will download and install on my tablet.

Many papers with national distribution like USA Today and The New York Times also offer apps.

Most local TV stations offer local news apps as well. You can search by name. These apps are nice because they often offer breaking news, weather and traffic updates that will alert you if something big is happening in your area.

News networks such as FOX News, CNN and MSN also have free apps, as do sports networks such as ESPN.

One of the biggest treats for news junkies are news aggregator  apps such as Pulse News that bring hundreds of news sources together in one place.. You can find out more about Pulse [2] here.

I also have to add my greatest guilty pleasure, The Daily Mail. This is the app for a UK based tabloid newspaper. When you download it, you can’t select either U.S. or the UK for your news source. It’s a constant supply of sensationalized news and juicy celebrity gossip with big, bright color pictures. And if you like, you can check out the salacious events Great Britain as well.

One more thing a news junkie might enjoy is Scanner Radio App [3]. This will allow you to monitor police and emergency frequencies where you live and all over the world. You can hear the news before it makes the news.

Enjoy your tablet.

~ Cynthia