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How Do I Install Software From A Disc?

Larry asks:

I recently purchased DVD of Professor Teaches Windows 7, but I am having a hard time installing the program. Can you help?

Hello Larry, thanks for asking. You are not the only person who has asked for help installing a program from a CD or DVD.  Although these instructions are for this particular program, the same process will work for many other programs.

To install from a disc likeProfessor Teaches Windows 7, insert the disk into your CD/DVD drive. Wait a few seconds, and if the menu pops up, choose Autorun. However, if it does not auto start, click on the start menu, then click on Computer.


Then, on the window that opens, on the left side, click on DVD and look for the file that says Autorun.exe on the right side.


You will then see a window that gives you options on what you can install. You are able to install any and all of these items. (For this particular program, we suggest starting with Professor Teaches Windows 7 (not Advanced).)


Click on the program you would like to install. On the dialog box that comes up, click Yes to allow the program to make changes.

Then, read and accept the license and click Next. In the following window, click OK. When asked what directory you’d like to install to, you may choose to install it into the default location or choose another location. Then click OK.

Once installed, you may be asked to enter some information. For professor Teaches Windows 7, all that is required is your First and Last name – all other information is voluntary.


Hit next, then on the next screen, choose to enter your information or simply hit next. You will then see a screen about Mailing preferences. If you do not want to receive any notifications or offers, make sure to uncheck the box and hit next.


Finally you will be asked to complete registration. As long as you are connected to the Internet, choose the default Send Electronically option.


Once registered, click next, then click OK on the box that says Installation Complete. The menu will pop up again, this time with the option to Run Professor Teaches Windows 7. If you click on that option, you will begin the Professor Teaches Windows 7 tutorials.


Click Yes to allow changes. You will then see a screen listing your computer/user name. Click on the name you want, then click Select user.


Then you are ready to being the tutorials.

This particlar program will not install an icon on the desktop. To open Professor Teaches Windows 7 later, go to the start menu and type Professor Teaches in the search bar at the bottom. Click on the Professor Teaches Windows 7 (or whichever program you are trying to use) choice at the top and the program will open and allow you to continue where you last stopped.


Alternately, go to the start menu, click on all programs, then click on the folder that says Individual Software. Click on Professor Teaches Windows 7 inside the folder and the program will open.

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If you would like to create a short cut, you can right click on Professor Teaches Windows 7 from the start mneu. In the menu that opens, choose Send To, and then Desktop. You can also right click and choose to Pin it to your Start Menu or your Task bar.