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How Do I Move Messages To Folders In Outlook.com?

Ernie from Walter writes:

What is the proper procedure for moving items to my folders under OUTLOOK.COM? Since the switch from HOTMAIL I can always move the first item I try. Subsiquent attempte do not work. Clicking on the MOVE TO function do not provide a list of my folders to select from. Things just sit there as if I had not selected the option. I have requested assistance from OUTLOOK but have yet to receive any response.

Answer: Ernie, moving e-mails into folders should be a fairly simple process in Outlook.com. You select the messages you wish to move, click on the drop-down  Move to menu and select where you want them to go. Make sure you have each file you want to move selected.

If this isn’t working for you, there is one other option. You can drag files into a destination folder. Simply select the file, left-click and hold:

Then drag to the folder of your choice at the left and release the mouse button:

 Hopefully this helps.

~ Cynthia