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How Do I Remove A Book From My Kindle App?

Jill from Northwood writes:

I have a Kindle app on my phone and I’m not sure how to remove a book once I’ve finished reading it.

Choose the book you wish to remove, then press down and hold. Giving the book a tap will open it. You want to press and hold.

A menu will pop up. You’ll be offered the choice between removing the book from the device or from the carousel (the home screen for the Kindle App). Removing it from the carousel means you won’t see the book when you open your app, but it will still be on the device. If you want to clear off space on your device, choose remove from device. You do have to remove the book from the carousel as well if you don’t want to see it.

 Even if you remove the book from the device, you can still find it in your Kindle library and download it to read from the Amazon cloud at any time. 

~ Cynthia