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How Do I Remove Tiles From Windows 8 Start Screen?

Pat from Oregon asks:

I just had to buy a new computer and, of course, it is running Win 8.  What I want to know is can I remove some of the tiles on the start screen? There are some I’m not interested in and don’t ever plan on using them. Thanks for any help you can give me.

I feel your pain Pat. I have a new device with Windows 8 and while I like the speed and stability of Windows 8, I find all those tiles just a bit much.  Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to remove or unpin tiles from your Start Screen.

Find the tile you’d like to remove and right-click on it.

A menu will pop up at the bottom with the option to Unpin from Start.  If you’re using a touch screen device, simply press down on the tile and hold and make a little swiping motion towards the bottom of the screen. The same option will appear. Be careful not to select Uninstall, unless you’re sure you want to get rid of that app forever. Click or press Unpin from Start.

My way to avoid tile aggravation is to bypass them completely  by making a Desktop Tile and just pressing it when I log on. To make a Desktop tile, just search for Desktop in Apps on the Charms Bar.


 Then right-click on Desktop.

You’ll get that same little menu at the bottom. Select Pin To Start Menu. You can use this same method to add any app you’d like.

 Hope this helps you clean up your Start Screen.

~ Cynthia