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How Do I Retrieve Lost Hotmail Password?

Marty from Ann Arbor Writes:

I just read ‘Hotmail’ has been assimilated into Outlook. I have some old emails w/photos, from once upon a time when I used ‘Hotmail’. I would like to forward them to my current email acct. but when I do I get this pop up notice asking for my user name and password in order to forward them. User name and password are lost to the nether world of the internet. Any suggestions? 

There’s an option you can try for retrieving that long-lost password. But this is a good time to remind you that it’s important to remember those passwords and to properly forward mail from and close down accounts you no longer intend to use.

You can try to retrieve your Hotmail information from Outlook.com. If you go to the Outlook.com sign-in page, you’ll see “Can’t access your account” just below the Sign In button.

Click on it and you’ll be given the option to enter your e-mail address and reset your password. Enter your Hotmail address and type the captcha.

You’ll see the option to Reset your password.  You can choose to have them e-mail you a link  if you’ve set up an alternate e-mail address for your Hotmail account.

If that e-mail address is no longer accessible, you can choose to answer a security question.

You can also click a link if neither one of those options will work.

Then you input the e-mail address of your account and the address you’d like to receive the recovery e-mail. Choose Next.

You’ll be given some questions to complete. After you submit that survey, you should hear back from Microsoft in a day or so.

I hope this helps you find your password.

~ Cynthia