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How Do I Save To Flash Drive In Windows 7 Pro?

James from Nassau County, NY writes:

I just bought a new computer with Windows 7 Professional.  I previously used XP.  My question is in Windows 7 Pro. how do I copy a file or document onto a flash drive.  I have to go into Windows Explorer now and do a drag and drop from the document to the flash drive.  In XP I did a save as and from the drop down menu I picked my flash drive and clicked save.  I cant find it in Windows 7 Pro.

As you said, you can drag and drop or use copy and paste in File Explorer to move files. You could also choose to right click on a file in file explorer and choose the Send To option to move the file to a flash drive.

The option to save a file or document to your flash drive from a program is still there as well. Here’s an example in Paint. First I choose Save As, then I select the file type.

One the file type is selected I have a choice of locations for saving the file.

The same option will appear when saving a document. Once I choose the type of document, I can pick the drive where I wish to save the document.

Hope that helps.

~ Cynthia