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How Do I Turn Off Microsoft Narrator?

Question: Help! My boyfriend did something to my laptop and it won’t stop talking to me. It says everything I type and every move I make.  He keeps laughing about it and won’t fix it, so I have to use it with the sound muted. How do I fix it in Windows 7?

Answer: Sounds like someone got an early start on an April Fool’s joke. Your boyfriend has turned on Windows Narrator, which is actually a wonderful tool for the visually impaired. Here’s how to turn it off. In the search box of the start menu type “ease of access.”  Or go to Control Panel and choose “Ease of Access.”

Either way, click on the “Ease of Access” icon.

In the Ease of Access Center window, you’ll want to click on “Start Narrator

In the Microsoft Narrator window select “Control whether narrator starts when I log on.”

You’ll probably see that “turn on narrator” and “turn on audio description” are checked.  Uncheck them and then hit apply.

  I would also suggest password protecting your computer and perhaps changing the language settings on your boyfriend’s computer to Mandarin Chinese.  Just kidding, it’s wrong to mess with other people’s tech.

~ Cynthia