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How Fast Does My Internet Need To Be To Watch TV?

IKE from Sterling, AK writes:

How fast does high speed Internet access have to be to watch Internet TV without waiting for buffering? I have DSL but have to wait for loading and buffering to watch YouTube videos.

There’s no one answer that works for all video services, but a high-speed, consistent connection is a must. The folks at Netflix suggested the following minimum Internet speeds as a guideline:

1 Mb/s for viewing on a laptop computer

2 Mb/s for viewing standard definition video on a TV

4 Mb/s for viewing High Definition video

5 Mb/s or more for the best audio and video experience

Many services adjust the quality of the video to match your connection or allow you to set the video quality based on your Internet connection. But if you don’t have a fast connection, you won’t be getting the picture available.

If you are paying for a high-speed connection, yet still experiencing buffering frequently and on multiple sites, the problem could be with your router.

~ Cynthia