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How New Tech Could Turn Your Car Into A Moving Light Show

Audi showed off a new organic lighting technology at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit  that turns the back of your car into a light show.

The new “swarm” system uses OLED technology. ( OLED stands for organic light emitting diode.)  Unlike LEDs, OLEDs are made from organic material. The material is spread in a micro-thin layer across a surface and when electricity is applied, the surface lights up.

Audi says this is an intelligent technology. For example, the car might sense your approach to the driver’s side door and light up the door handle.

The rear of the vehicle becomes a large, continuous light surface with tiny points of light that will flow to the right for a right turn, flow forward rapidly to indicate braking and move faster as you drive faster. The company says this technology could make driving much safer, by keeping the driver behind you constantly aware of what your vehicle is doing.

– Cynthia