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How To Access All Your Gmail Accounts From Single Account

Do you have multiple Gmail accounts and struggle to remember all passwords? Now you can access all your Gmail accounts from one account that you regularly use.

Here is how you set it up.

 1)   Go to the Gmail account that you don’t access regularly (The account you want to control from your main account), Then click on gear symbol  How to access all your Gmail account from single account   located  at top-right corner.  Then click on Settings


2)   In Settings select the tab Accounts and Import and scroll down. Then click on Add another account in Grant access to your account category. (It will be the second- t0- last option in “Accounts and Import” Menu)



3)   Now a pop-up will appear, Enter the Email ID to which you want to give permission (The account that you regularly use) and press Next step

(Make sure to enter correct Email address, If you misspell your ID here, then someone else may access your Email account)


4)   Now confirm by pressing Send email to grant access

Now the job in your old or irregular Email id is done. Now log out and log in to the account to which you sent the permission to access.


5)   There will be a new mail from Gmail team, Open it and click on the link that is specified to activate the permission.

After clicking on that link you will get a message that “It may take up to 30 minutes for the verification to complete. Then you can access other account”

Sometimes it may take longer than 30 minutes, so be patient.


6)   After 30 minutes go to Gmail and click on your profile picture at top right corner (The button that you regularly use to log out). Now you will see that your other Email ID will also be displayed.



Now you can read, send and even delete the messages of the other account within your email id.

Important: Whenever you send mail from any account that is connected, The mail will contain the main Email id also. It will be displayed as



The above screenshots were taken in “Google chrome Version 25.0.1364.172”

Some of the options may seem different in older browsers. If you have any difficulty during this process please comment, so we can respond.

~ Richard Brown