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How To Add To Send To Menu

Laverne from Omak WA writes:

I had my Jigsaw program so I could right click on a picture and use the open with and open it in the Jigsaw, all of a sudden that is not in my send to right-click. I have the program but don’t know how to get it back in there. Any suggestions? Thank you for your help.


The good news is adding programs or folders to the Send To menu is pretty easy. Start by going to to the start menu and clicking Run (you can also hold down the Windows Key and press R) and type: %APPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo and press enter.

This will open the Send To folder. Right-click in a blank area of the screen and select new then click shortcut.


Click browse then navigate to the program exe or the folder you want to send to and press OK. Click next and then type the name you want to appear in the Send To menu and click finish.

Your shortcut will now appear in the Send To menu as you’ve named it. I named mine PhotoshopEdit in the example below.