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How to Block SMS Messages from Specific Numbers in Android

SMS spam from mobile service providers and third party agencies seems to be inevitable, as companies heavily target phone numbers for running marketing campaigns. The result is nothing but tons of unwanted SMS messages lying randomly in your inbox, cluttering up the whole UI, until you manually delete them. This is quite similar to email spam – you can’t stop incoming messages because anyone who has your phone number can surely send you a message and there is no other way to prevent this cycle.

Deleting spam messages and cleaning up the inbox is not the ideal solution, as these spam messages will return periodically from different numbers. This behavior is really irritating and if you find yourself wasting a lot of time in deleting unwanted SMS messages on your phone, here is a useful Android app which gets the job done automatically.

How To Block SMS Messages From Specific Numbers On Your Android Phone

1. On your Android phone, go to the Google Play store (Android market) or point your browser to play.google.com [1]. Once you’ve reached the Google Play store, search for “SMS blocker” or you may also use this direct link [2].

SMS blocker Android app

Note: The Google play store has a lot of SMS blocker apps available, but I highly recommend using the one from Optinnno mobitech. It’s free, and works just as advertised.

2. Once you have installed the SMS blocker app on your Android device, open it, go the app preferences page and choose the following:

SMS blocker settings and preferences

3. Once the app is configured to block spam text messages, you’re done with the installation. The app will continue to run in the background and keep an eye on your “Messages” folder. Whenever a spam message tries to hit your inbox, the app will automatically block it and you will be asked to confirm whether this message is really spam or not. This is a one time only process so that the app learns, remembers the number and adds it to its list of “blocked sources”.

Here is how the logs page of the app looks like, after it has blocked 73 spam messages on my Android phone:


4. You can also add specific numbers in app settings to ensure that any message that arrives from a specific number, is never saved in the main inbox. To do this, go to the “Block” tab, click “Add New” and then you will be shown three options:

5. The “Filter” option is another intelligent feature which allows you to define specific words and phrases which you may want to mark as spam. For example, if you are tired of receiving the same promotional message from your mobile service provider, it is a good idea to copy the phrase and blacklist it in the options page of SMS blocker.

Once a specific phrase is blacklisted, all messages which contain that specific word or phrase will be blocked, but rest of the messages that don’t contain the blacklisted word or phrase will be allowed to pass through. Hence, you can block unwanted spam messages, and at the same time not have to worry about losing important information which your mobile service provider may send otherwise.

There are other workarounds to stop SMS spam, one being registering your phone number on the DND service. But if you think practically, DND is a time consuming affair as there are so many services, companies and vendors who have your phone number. Instead, it is best to develop a shield on your own phone and keep the spam messages at bay.

~Amit Banerjee