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How-To Change Home Page In IE8

George from IN writes:

How can I get rid of AOL as the home page for Explorer 8? I want to keep AOL as a program, but not as the home page that opens automatically in Explorer 8. What can I do?

Hey, George – to change your home page in Internet Explorer 8 all you need to do is to go to a webpage you would like to be your new home page (for example http://www.google.com) then click on Tools > Internet Options > General and click Use Current.

You should now see http://www.google.com as your home page. Click OK, then close Internet Explorer. When you reopen it your home page should go to http://www.google.com (or whatever page you set it to.)

P.S. For an updated web browser (one which may run better than Internet Explorer 8), I would recommend downloading Mozilla Firefox by clicking here [1]. Remember, you can have both Firefox and Internet Explorer installed at the same time, so you can always switch back to using Internet Explorer if you don’t like how Firefox handles.