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How to Change the Default Font in Word 2007

Carol from Vancouver writes:

How do you change the default font in Word 2007 to another default font?

If you’re anything like me, then you love being able to speed up those tasks that take a lot of time because of the little things you need to change.

With this in mind, this tip will show you how to change the default font in Word 2007 – meaning that you won’t ever have to change the font to your personal favorite when opening a new document ever again.

Simply open a new word document.  If you’re already in Word, click the Microsoft Office Button at the top left of the screen, go to the New Document pane, click new and then blank document.

Click Font in the Font group and choose the Font and point size that you want the default to be.

Now click Default and a dialog box should open and ask if you want to make the change to all new documents based on the NORMAL template, click OK.


And that’s it folks!


~Matthew McGuire