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How to change wallpaper in XP and Vista

I love the new monthly wallpaper, but what if I want to change it?

Just right-click an area on your desktop and choose “Properties“. Select “Desktop” and you’ll find a list of images to use for wallpaper. Click the background you want from the list and it will appear in the preview screen. You can choose to Center, Tile, or Stretch the image to fit the screen.

Vista users: Right click the desktop and choose “Personalize“, and then choose “Desktop Background“. There’s a drop down box which will allow you to pick from any number of colors, Windows stock wallpapers and also ones you have saved to your hard disk. Just make sure you remember where you downloaded these images to!

Here’s what you’ll see in XP:


And here’s Vista:


Remember, clicking on the “Browse” button in either case will bring up the option to navigate to a folder and choose any picture on your hard drive! Go on! Get customized!

~ Andrew