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How to Clear Browser Cache and Navigation History on Android Phones

Nestor from Toronto writes:

How do I  clear up cache etc. on my Android phone?

Hi Nestor, Android has two types of cache: Browser and Applications. This tip addresses how to clear the browser cache. I’ve used the most commonly found version of Android, 2.2,  to illustrate the steps. To clear the Browser Cache and History, perform the following steps.

Step 1: Launch a Browser window.

Tap for the Applications Menu in Android

Open the Browser in Android

Step 2: Press the menu key on the phone. Typically, it is the left corner key on Android phones. After you press this key, some options appear.

Step 3: Tap More

Tap More to access the Browser Settings in Android

Step 4: Tap Settings

Tap Settings to Access the Browser Settings in Android

Step 5: Scroll down to Privacy Settings. Here you’ll notice two options, Clear cache and Clear history. Tap the appropriate option to clear it.

Scroll Down to the Privacy Settings to Clear the Browser Cache in Android

Step 6: A warning window appears. Tap OK to complete the action.

Warning Message before Clearing the Browser Cache in Android

Step 7: Perform Step 5 for Clear history.

That’s it! By clearing the browser cache, you’ll notice some degree of performance improvement of your Android phone. For more improvements, you’ll need to clear the cache of the Android applications installed. The procedure is a little different. I’ll provide a tip for that as soon as possible. So, do keep a look out.

~Rupen Sharma