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How to Clear the Browsing History in Google Chrome

The browser history keeps track of your activities and lets you load pages from a few days back. It also helps you check what others are browsing on your computer. However, the History is an extremely critical feature, because your browsing history is your personal data. We have already done a post on clearing browser history for Google Chrome [1], but the Google Chrome User Interface has changed since. This time, we will see a faster way to delete the browsing history.

 Step 1: All settings and tweaks in Google chrome are available from the little wrench on the top right corner. Assuming you already have Google Chrome running, Click on the wrench to get a menu as shown below.


Step 2: Go to Tools -> Clear Browsing Data from the wrench menu. Alternatively, you can key in ctrl+shift+del and it will bring up the Google Chrome settings page with the Clear Browsing History window.


Step 3: After the step above, you will see a new tab as shown below.


Step 4: This window lets you choose which items you want to delete from your history. It also lets you choose if you want to delete the history from today, an hour ago, the last week or the entire history.


If you have been surfing on someone else’s computer, you can delete the history from an hour ago, keeping the rest of the history intact. I would also advise not to delete the Autofill form data, if you are deleting your own browsing history.  These form fills are used to fill your name, email ID and other fields on forms.

If you want to clear your browser history on Internet Explorer, or on Firefox, you can visit this topic [2]we covered earlier.

~Chinmoy Kanjilal