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How to Convert Video and Music with RealPlayer Converter

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could easily convert your files to work with any device? RealPlayer not only lets you manage your audio, video and image libraries, but you can convert files too. The wide variety of available formats works with almost every audio and video player. You can even convert videos to audio only if you just want to carry the audio with you on the go. If you have RealPlayer installed, you already have the converter feature installed as well.

Start by opening RealPlayer and clicking PC & Cloud Library.



Choose a video or audio file from your library. These can come from your PC or RealPlayer Cloud library. If you want to select multiple files, press the Ctrl key on your keyboard while clicking each file.

Right-click any selected file(s) and choose Edit. Select Convert from the Edit menu to view conversion options.











At the bottom of the RealPlayer Converter window, click the drop-down box under Convert To to choose your conversion type. The options will vary based on whether your file is audio or video.






Select your device type from the list. If you want to see the file format for the device, press Details beside the device. Press OK to select the device and go back to the converter window.








Select the destination for the converted file from the Save In drop-down box. Converting files does not replace the original.








Press the green Start button at the bottom of the converter window to start the conversion.






Don’t close the converter until the process is complete or you may corrupt the file. 

If you want to convert a video file to audio only, choose MP3 Audio Only from the device type list. This converts your video into an MP3 file. You can convert the MP3 into a different audio format using the converter. Follow the same steps from above to select the MP3 file and convert it to the correct audio format for your device.