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How to Defragment the Pagefile in Windows 7

Ray from NY asks:

My PC is running a little slow. Is there software that allows me to defragment my Pagefile?

Today, we are going to see how to defragment the pagefile in Windows 7. You can learn to manage the pagefile inĀ this article [1].

What is so important about the pagefile?

The pagefile is a real file on your hard-drive which is used as an extension to your RAM. There is a huge speed trade-off in this system. The more you allow paging, more amount of data will move in and out of your RAM into your slow hard-drive. This makes the pagefile a heavy duty file, one that is used very frequently, and one that has a huge chance of getting fragmented [2].

Defragment the Pagefile in Windows 7

Apparently, the pagefile on Windows 7 cannot be defragmented with conventional tools like the Windows disk defragmenter or the extremely popular pagedefrag utility. I have found a defragmentation tool that works with Windows 7 pagefile and does the job quite well. It is called Puran Defrag [3].

Puran Defrag comes in both a trial version and a free version. The free version is free for non-commercial usage. You can download Puran defrag here [4]. Once the software is installed, run it from your Start menu.


The homescreen of the software comes up as shown below.


Highlighting a drive and analyzing it gives you detailed result of the current fragmentation of the drive.

However, what we are interested in is the current fragmentation. The red dots indicate fragmentation, and as you can see my pagefile is extremely fragmented. This could be a reason you computer has been running slow lately.


Defagmenting the pagefile should always be done at boot time. The pagefile is always in use by Windows and it is futile to try and defragment it in between. So, in Puran Defrag select Boot Time Defrag, and under that we will select the Restart -> Defrag -> Restart -> Disk Check option.


Your computer will restart once you do perform this action. You can run Puran Defrag again and check this for yourself.


Puran Defrag is sized at around 3.26 MB and serves as an excellent free defragmentation tool. The fact that it can defragment the pagefile is a bonus and the only way to defragment the pagefile for free on Windows 7.

~Chinmoy Kanjilal