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How To Find Old Drivers?

Joel from Solomons writes:

Where can I get drivers for old devices designed for windows 98?

To find drivers for older versions of an operating system the best bet is to try to find the manufacturer’s website and search there. If you cannot find them on the manufacturers website (or the manufacturer isn’t in business anymore) your next best bet is to turn to Google. The best way to search is to include either the manufacturer part number or unique hardware identifying numbers, plus Windows 98 and driver.

For example, Google search:

“hp laserjet 4l” + “driver” + “windows 98″

This will search for HP Laerjet 4L and driver and Windows 98 all in the result. If you just type “HP Laserjet 4L driver Windows 98″ you may get a lot of results that mention HP driver or HP Windows or Laserjet Window,s but not exactly what your looking for.

Note: Make sure to run any older driver you may download through a virus scanner first, as some nefarious websites will use the lure of a working driver for an older product to convince someone to bypass this important security step.