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How To Fix “Windows Is Not Genuine” Error

Fern from WV writes:

Why do I keep getting the message that my Windows 7 is not genuine? How can I fix this? It came on my Gateway computer that I bought in Dec. 2010.

Windows 7 includes a Windows Genuine Advantage checker which verifies ┬áthat your copy of Windows is legally licensed. However, sometimes there is an error which causes Windows to forget it is registered – but there is an easy fix.

The first step is to look at the side of your computer, or on the bottom for a Windows Authenticity Label. This  label will show your Windows 7 serial number. Write down the serial number.

windows product key

Once the serial number is written down, click the Start button and in the search box type: Activate Windows

In this window you can enter in your product key and proceed with activation. You may need to click the Change product key button and type in the product key again. Once activated, you should receive the below message and will no longer be prompted that your copy is not genuine.


Hope this helps!