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How to Get Rid of About Blank

Ray asks:

What is “about blank” and how do you get rid of it? Do I need to?

Thanks for the question Ray! About:blank is a two edged sword, it seems. On one hand, about:blank is part of every browser. If you open your browser now and type about:blank into your address bar, you will most likely get a blank white page. If you are getting this when opening your browser, just change your homepage and you will be all set!

On the other hand, if you are getting About:blank constantly along with browser slowdowns and computer errors, it may be the notorious About:blank browser hijack.

The About:blank browser hijack is a major problem and does need to be removed. A browser hijacker replaces your homepage with something else. You may also notice your computer has slowed down because this spyware consumes system resources. You will not find About:blank in the Programs list in the Control Panel. In addition, if you change your homepage back the next time you start Internet Explorer the About:blank will return.

One of the main ways you get the About:blank spyware is from CoolWebSearch products. You can get this spyware on your computer through freeware or shareware software that has been downloaded, peer-peer software (P2P) or other applications used with a shared network, or from malicious websites.

The first step is to delete the temporary files and cookies on your computer. We are assuming you have Internet Explorer 8.

Exit Internet Explorer and close all Windows Explorer windows if they are open.

Windows 7 or Vista:

Click Start, type inetcpl.cpl in the Start Search box, and press Enter.


If you use Windows XP, click the Start button then click Run. Type inetcpl.cpl in the Open box and press Enter.


Click the General tab and click the Delete button under Browsing History

Uncheck all boxes except for Cookies and click Delete.


Next you need to download CWShredder. This program is made specifically to remove CoolWebSearch from your computer.

Download CWShredder and save it to your desktop. Next, double click on the CWShredder icon (v2.19) and you will get the following screen:


Click on I Agree button to accept the license and you will get the following screen:


Click on the “Check For Update” button at the bottom, and you will get the following screen, unless there is an update available.

If there is an update available, click the link to download the update, and repeat the above steps. When you are finished, you should see the following screen:


Click the Fix button and the following screen will open:


This process will not work if you have Internet Explorer or Windows Media Player open. Click OK and CWShredder will automatically close them if they are open. When you click OK, the scan will start. This will take a few minutes.


Click Next and if no CoolWebSearch products were found you will see the following screen. Click Exit to close the program.


If any CoolWebSearch products were found on your system it will tell you what they were and show you they were removed. They will automatically be cleaned from your computer.

Since you are seeing About:blank you more than likely had CoolWebSearch products on your computer. Once you finish the above steps, you will need to reboot your computer then open Internet Explorer. You should see your regular homepage.

~Rita Wood