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How To Get WebCam Video In To E-mail

Susan from FL writes:

I have taken some videos with my laptop’s webcam and have wanted to send them to my family to see, however, when I try to attach them to the emails it tells me the file is too large to send, is there anything or anyway to get them attached to the emails?

Thank you!

Sending video as an e-mail attachment can be a problem, as most e-mail providers limit the size of attachments. Depending on your provider, the limit may be as small as 2 megabytes, so what do you do? The best solution I have found is to upload the video to YouTube [1] and use a little known feature of YouTube known as “privacy settings”.

When you upload a video (you can even record directly from your webcam on YouTube) you will be presented with a screen to name your file and add a description and to the right is a drop down menu for privacy settings.

Privacy settings allow you to select if the video is public, unlisted or private. Once you make a selection and click save YouTube will set the video to the setting you’ve selected.

Once you upload, go to the video and you will see a web address next to Video URL. Type that address in to an e-mail and tell someone about what the video is, (along with your message) and click send. You won’t need to worry about attachment size limits or long downloads for your friends, and they can view the video whenever they like by clicking on the link.

Try it out with the sample video I posted. Here is the direct URL (without it you wouldn’t be able to view it!) http://youtu.be/zWvtYZJsnRY [2]